Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world- Paramahansa Yogananda

Versatile, self-driven and highly accomplished Tanuja, is a responsible Architect, with over two decades of rich diverse experience in leading and managing large scale projects Globally. Tanuja continues to live her life sensitively and believes that every conscious action; made with a thought of goodness; keeps strength of bringing goodness to the entire community.


In her tenure, Tanuja worked on various prestigious international projects. Her love towards mother earth can be seen through her projects which have kept sustainability as a prime factor in design and implementation. She holds a rich experience of embedding elements of Sustainable Architecture, landscape design & interior design into her creations.  While progressing with technologies in creating a modern dwelling, Tanuja strikes a balance by incorporating ancient planning techniques such as Vastu-Shashtra and Fengshui. Thus, enhancing and benefiting the lives of the occupants.


Although you appear in earthly form your essence is pure consciousness. You are fearless guardian of divine light. So come, return to the root of your own soul- Rumi


Her belief in connecting to her roots and her love towards ancient ways of approaching life; made her take a daring decision In July 2019. Her eagerness to rediscover her true self made her start a new grounded and creatively expressive life at the foothills of Himalayas with her ten year old son Nigel.


Like a fish in the water, she took up from where she left off in her adolescence, her love for music and art.  Her soul has once again found  roots  with the rhythm and colours of ancient music, art and wisdom.

With natural ease, true to her versatile persona, she has merged herself in her new life and is joyously involved in encouraging the art and crafts made with ecologically sustainable materials by Rural people and tribes by creating a commercially viable Global platform.


The soul becomes dyed with its color of thoughts- Marcus Aurelius


Tanuja is an intuitive Artist and has started her new life soaked in devotions, creation and nature. She has started painting fulltime in water, acrylic colours and oils. Her hand painted stoles are inspired with elements of nature and her Tribal art is inspired with mutual harmonious ways of living. For her; working with her own hands; is a call of the ancients and an aspiration towards a joyous and ideal, abundant life, living simply in the lap of nature. In her own words her creations express : Inner joy,  Strength, abundance, growth, synergy and adoration for all living beings and mother Earth. Her new life of contemplation within nature has given wings to her imagination. Currently she is also passionately working on spiritual music videos.

With “APAHDANCE HERITAGE” ; as a Co- Founder; She is dedicated to participate in creating an economy that benefits people and is conducive to a balanced and healthy life for all living creatures on Earth.


In Sanskrit the word for sacred water is “APAH”. it is praised in Rigvedaas the all pervading elements in existence.

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