Your compassionate prayers in God for all forms of life everywhere, dissolve your illusional sense of self-identity and spiritually benefit those for whom you pray.” -Paramhamsa Sri Yogivah Giri Ji...

Our Guru, Guide and Mentor, Sri Yogivah ji, states that living in Satyuga is a state of mind. A life lived in awakened awareness, in respect and honor of natural elements,our earth and all beings, holding everything sacred and acknowledging the interdependability of everything for the well-being and abundance of life, is living a life in divine consciousness.


A natural born artist, master painter, super consciously living the life of a true simple Yogi within the material world, just like a lotus in mud;
uninfluenced and unaffected by the corruptions of the world. His daily life is a living example of his teachings.

Born in the US, at the tender age of 16, yogivah ji left the US to journey alone in the unknown land of India.In Spite of all odds, he found Guru to initiate him in the ways of SanatanDharma. After several years of tapas he attained the state of Jivan mukta. Humble and selfless, his day starts early in the morning, about 3 am. He wakes up with his consciousness established in divine mother. He meditates, and contemplatively shares his divinely inspired teachings with those who are keen to uplift themselves from the mundane selfish existence. He takes care of his adopted dogs and other baby animals whom he fosters till a permanent secured home is found for them.

He guides initiates and counsels aspirants in the ways of Sanatan Dharma (Eternal spiritual living) and the ancient science of Kriya yoga.

On our query about inequality in existence...

He says: “ God does not give to some and withhold from others. All that God is and has , is already ours.There is nothing of God that is withheld from us,since that ‘one’ reality is expressing as each one of us.”

He makes us realise our responsibility towards existence and that we must actively participate in sharing, giving and taking, while honoring all of existence and thus bringing in balance and equanimity in our lives and surroundings.On the values, ethics and inspiration behind the concept of this startup, he says:

“ Selfless service undertaken with honest intent and love for God and Gurus’ is Transformative. But the greater service one can do is to live the life of divine love; humility, Sincerity, and selfless service in which there is not a slightest trace of hypocrisy.”

On how to persevere against all odds:

“ Be so inwardly strong and self-knowing, that you cannot be influenced by any outer event or circumstances. Self mastery is not just important, it is essential. Control your own thoughts and feelings and how you respond to situations. The actions and words of others can not confuse you or hurt you, unless you react to them. Always be sweet, kind and loving to all people and creatures.”

About being essentially creative:

“ The very source of beauty, bliss and love is within everyone, and is closer than our very breath. If only those with eyes and ears could see and hear, this world would be heaven for everyone.”

On our attitude towards our associates and team:

“ Selflessly wish for the highest and best for all life forms and for all souls who are influenced by your states of consciousness, mental states and compassionate, loving actions.


In Sanskrit the word for sacred water is “APAH”. it is praised in Rigvedaas the all pervading elements in existence.

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