“The purpose of Our Lives is to be happy”- Dalai Lama

Little Nigel strongly believes in this teaching of Dalai Lama . Born and brought up in The Middle East, his tender growing up years supported by the most advanced education system, Nigel has grown up as a bright, sensitive and content child, very active, in a non-competitive manner, calm and confident about himself.

To the surprise of everyone, on his recent trip to India during his school holidays, he decided

to move to India!

Without a second thought he visited, looked over the local school, declared that he loved it and got himself admitted . There after he made a formal request to  his mother to promise him to settle and work from the small town at the foothills of Himalayas. Nigel believes in taking steps towards where real heart’s calling is! Nigel always reminds us with the great saying of Robert F Kennedy-.

“Only those who fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.”

This most unconventional step taken by the ten year old Nigel became a divine gift for Tanuja. Her longing to be back rooted in the soil of India materialized  without any struggle!

Promptly changing his daily habits, Nigel has now busied himself with walks in the surrounding farms, meditation,  learning Indian classical percussion instruments , painting and most specifically musing about the new inventions for Apahdance Heritage LLP. His ideas has inspired the launch of innovative board games for all age groups based on Vedic knowledge and scriptures, a special range of ecologically supporting products for pets and more is in the process!


In Sanskrit the word for sacred water is “APAH”. it is praised in Rigvedaas the all pervading elements in existence.

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