By words a man transmits his thoughts to another, by means of Art he transmits his feelings.


From ancient times in India all creative forms of arts are linked to the act of honouring and worshipping existence. Even the creative works of public utility (constructing dams, laying out gardens, building roads, excavating wells etc.) is fulfilment of duty (dharma) one owes to his fellow beings. 

Any Creative activity is seen as an act of merit (Punya), by the power of which the good of all is secured. Even poets and philosophers when they composed their literary works, concluded by invoking the welfare of the people.

(“Sarvesham svasti bhavatu”)

“ May wellbeing be among all men”.


“The ancient sculptor prepares himself elaborately. He gives up the ordinary routine and withdraws into serene isolation. 

He contemplates on the quality of the deity -the image of which he is to fashion. He eats his food with this preoccupation, goes to sleep with this thought, and allows no distraction to interfere with this constant and intense contemplation. 

When the image in the mind is perfectly formed, he takes up his tools and translates it into an icon. It is only then that the icon becomes alive and becomes worthy of worship.” 

 ~ Shilpa Shashtra


Archana has naturally and intuitively lived by this ancient Vedic approach towards her work. In her career spanning more than 3 decades, starting from the year 1988, she has preferred staying away from the superfluous work and an acquisitive life.

She paints the subject of her veneration; Nature- the mountains, forests, wild-life and the sacred Waters. Her portrait show case her innate ability to relate with people. Her adoration of existence reflects in her art.  She merges with the theme of her subjects and brings them alive in her paintings.

Her work in synch with Ancient Vastu-Shashtra; (the science of planning spaces based on the knowledge of Earth’s magnetic fields, the flow and movement of elemental energy in directions and matter) have allowed her to bring auspiciousness into people’s lives. She espouses the message that all fields of activities can be based on these holistic principles.

For the interior and exterior designs of home and institutions, she has used her keen observation of the climatic conditions of various parts of India taking in account of summer and winter variations in the sun’s path as well as the direction and type of winds. Thus, in her projects she has been able to reduce or in some cases even eliminate the need for auxiliary heating and cooling, resulting in lower energy bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved comfort.


She is dedicated to creating through her work, a beneficial footprint. She embraces the Rigvedic message of existential law, that the mankind through their actions, must discharge the debt of existence by honouring their fellow beings and the elemental environment.


In Sanskrit the word for sacred water is “APAH”. it is praised in Rigvedaas the all pervading elements in existence.

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