At the brainstorming sessions of Apahdance Heritage founding team, our baseline on every discussion is to move towards an economy that is inherently beneficial for everyone, which should be like the water cycle on Earth, from rain to running streams to rivers and to the sea and back to clouds, and as moisture in the atmosphere, every stage is useful for life on Earth.

Achieving that is not impossible, all it needs is a deliberate and consistent effort. We must have respect and a holistic understanding of elements and life.

In ancient times humanity held life sacred. Everything was perceived as conscious and alive and existing interdependent on each other. Our wise predecessors comprehended the elements, the cosmos, planet Earth, vegetation, insects, and all animals as sacred. The coexistence of everything was the foundation for life’s fulfillment and survival. The concept of any kind of waste and wasteful activity was nonexisting.

Space, fire, water, air, Earth were held sacred. There existed secret and social ways of

communing with elements and there were rules to, not to defile or disrespect existence in any form.

The trees, herbs, animals, birds and even minerals and stones were held sacred and their effect on the wellbeing and health of human civilization was apperceived and recognized.

Most of the ancient civilizations and cultures have similar expressions and symbols for the universe and cosmic creative energy. These symbols are also highly scientific and correlates to modern knowledge of our universe and creation.

There could be endless debate on the origin or source of this common knowledge. But there is no debate that the knowledge existed. The vision of existence was more subtle and profound than the modern scientific knowledge.

Many things that scientists are discovering now slowly over a long time, had already been detailed in the ancient scriptures. The Rigveda is the oldest and one such ancient scripture known to humanity. It is supposed to be a collection of supreme knowledge and had baffles the minds of modern scholars and scientists. It is an ocean of cosmic and Earthly knowledge that is yet to be fully grasped and utilized.

So what is the significance and utility of giving attention to this ancient tradition now in current times?

If humanity has to survive and change things in this one generation it has to be shaken from Its reverie of ignorance, otherwise, today’s economy which is based on huge pollution creating Wasteful industry is leading us towards the natural disasters, which are imminent and have already begun, human perception has to be grounded in the roots of existence.

We have an example of a sacred life lived in our ancient times and a conscious effort to look at this can help us transcend our shallow and selfish mindset.

An ideal life can actually be lived and realized when one is capable of believing in the possibility of its existence. We have the proof in our ancient history. The ancient Vaidik tradition is a tradition of spirit. It acknowledges everything as spirit, everything as conscious and existing in reverence for each other.If this could be recognized and appreciated now, all of the ecological as well as violent disasters can be checked and stopped.

The founding team of Apahdance has resolved to work towards this revolution. We are making a practical effort to bring the wisdom of the Ancient mind into our day to day life once again. All of our products are based on the Dharma outlined in our ancient knowledge. We believe in being grounded and connected with life in all forms.

Our humble effort is to become a useful link in the chain of ecological balance and economic wellbeing of everyone at large. This alone is our aim, our values, and our goal.


In Sanskrit the word for sacred water is “APAH”. it is praised in Rigvedaas the all pervading elements in existence.

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